The General Joseph Warren Chapter will celebrate their 100th Anniversary with a luncheon at the Conewango Club in Warren . The first meeting of the Chapter was held there 100 years ago.  Plans are being made for the 100th Anniversary celebration and they are to restore a sword to the General Joseph Warren statue which is in General Joseph Warren Park on Pennsylvania Ave. in Warren. The sword was taken by vandals many years .The chapter was established in 1911 in Warren, Pennsylvania. The chapter was named for General Joseph Warren, a Revolutionary War Soldier who was killed at the battle of Bunker Hill. The chapter was formally organized on February 22, 1911, and there were 66 charter members. The first noted undertaking was the dedicating and beautifying of Crescent Park in Warren. "In addition to  beautifying the park with flowers and shrubs they erected a fountain and steps down to the river, boulders with bronze plates, one dedicated to the memory of General William Irvine, and one to honor the early settlers of Warren." Park development became a regular part of the chapter's work and continues today.  Other activities of the early years were collecting names of soldiers and sailors for the honor roll of World War I. In 1938 a monument was erected to honor the veterans of the Spanish American War as a tribute to Mrs. Cinderella Walker, who was one of the early founders of the chapter and the first Regent. Boulders with plaques were placed in Washington Park and Morck's Park in co-operation with other lineage societies located in picturesque Warren, Warren County Pennsylvania 16365. 
Chapter Officers

Regent--Mrs. Judith Wilson
Vice Regent--Mrs. Rebecca Stone
Treasurer--Mrs. Rebecca Stone
Registrar--Mrs. Fran Perrin

Chapter Member's  Ancestors

Capt. John Woodruff
Sgt. Christopher Gayle
Pvt. Nathan Eddy
Pvt. Benjamin Whipple
Pvt. Nathan Eddy
Pvt. Charles Reichard
Pvt. Edward Daniels
Capt. Lawrence Gross
Pvt. Silas Brooks
Valentine Shaffer, Patriotic Service to Pa.
Pvt.Martin Shaffer
Lt. Lemuel Morris
Joseph Hackney (only 14 when he served)
Capt. John Woodruff
Capt. Robert Orr
Pvt. Paul Baughman
Pvt. Daniel Hazeltine
Pvt. John Shannon
Pvt. John Cartwright
Pvt. Silas Brooks
Pvt. Nathan Eddy
Capt. Robert Orr
Pvt. Adam Brunthaver

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
1776 D Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20006-5303
(202) 628-1776
Meetings of the General Joseph Warren Chapter
There are 5 meetings a year from September to July.

April 11,2011
May 9,2011, 12:30 Luncheon at the Conewango Club in Warren, Pa.  where the first meeting was held 100 years ago.
July 2011 Annual Picnic
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Contact Person for the Chapter
mailto:[email protected]
Pennsylvania State Officers

State Regent--Miss Andrea J. Snedaker
State Vice Regent--Miss Deborah L. Davis
State Chaplain-- Mrs. Cyndy Sweeney
State Recording Secretary--Ms. Rhonda R. Newton
State Corresponding Secretary--Dr. R. Heather Waddell
State Organizing Secretary-- Mrs. Nancy Jane Van Krieken
State Treasurer-- Mrs. Wendy L. Butler
State Registrar--Mrs. Roberta  P. McMullen
State Historian--Mrs. Carol Downey Fuller
State Librarian--Mrs. Lucille Mae Weaver
North Western District Director-- Mrs. Deborah E. Daley
General Joseph Warren Group Picnic July 2009
Battle of Bunker Hill where Joseph Warren was killed.

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The chapter has been planting trees in Crescent Park in honor of DAR  "Good Citizen" nominees from the various high schools in the area.  The chapter originally planted 13 oak trees for the 13 original colonies in the park back in 1911. Chapter members are Liz Brown, Judi Wilson, and Heather Koech planting the tree. The chapter will continue the project on a yearly basis to help restore the trees in the park.
How to become a member of DAR

Eligbility for Membership: Any women 18 years or older, regardless of race, religion, or ethnic background, who can prove lineal descent from a patriot of the American Revolution is eligible.
Registrar Fran Perrin   mailto:[email protected]
This is the fountain erected in Crescent Park by the General Joseph Warren Chapter DAR. There are also cement  steps erected leading down to the river in front of the fountain.
The boulders are all located in Crescent Park in Warren along the Allegheny River.
Webmaster--J. Wilson
mailto:[email protected]
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This boulder has a plaque noting the early settlers of Warren. This was presented to the Park by the DAR.

Warren, Pennsylvania Genealogy Information.
Statue of General Joseph Warren
Statue of General Joseph Warren.
Steps down to Allegheny River.
Monument to honor World War I veterans.
Tree planting in Crescent Park.
Fountain in Crescent Park.
The 100th Anniversary will be celebrated on May 9, 2011 with a luncheon at the Conewango Club in Warren. The Conewango Club was where the first meeting of the Chapter was held 100 years ago.
The ladies have chosen a project for the celebration which is to restore the sword on the General Joseph Warren statue that was removed by vandals several years ago. Warren is very fortunate to have one of three statues for General Warren in the country. General Warren was a very important person in the Revolutionary War. He was killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill on 17th of June in 1775. Although he served valiantly in the war for independence with the rank of Major General, Joseph Warren was a pioneering doctor also. 
In 1795,Americans in western Pennsylvania named Warren County, Pa. after Dr. Joseph Warren, recognizing and preserving his multitude of contributions to the American Revolution. Five years later, the City of Warren, also in western Pa. was named for Dr. Warren.
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